On December 1 I received a text message from the Department of Social Security stating that a sum in connection with my pension is to be deposited in my bank account.

When I asked the department for further details they informed me that all the necessary details had been sent to me by post on November 9.

I informed the lady concerned that I had not received anything and she replied that I was not the only one who was complaining in this regard. She confirmed to me that a letter had in fact been sent on the mentioned date.

I phoned customer care at Maltapost who took my details to investigate.

How is it possible that a letter posted locally has not yet been delivered after more than three weeks? If, as the lady at the department stated, I am not the only one who has had this experience, then something is amiss at Maltapost.

Before the privatisation of the post office we never used to hear of such happenings. Now we often read of similar occurrences in The Times. I hope that they rectify the situation. In the meantime the letter which I was supposed to have received is still somewhere lost in transit.

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