Labour leader Joseph Muscat has made major changes in the Shadow Cabinet, announced today by the MLP.

Anglu Farrugia has been moved from justice to employment affairs, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca from Social Policy to tourism and Michael Farrugia from health to social security. Michael Falzon has been appointed spokesman on home affairs, a responsibility previously held by Gavin Gulia. Dr Gulia is now spokesman on the economy while Karl Chircop is new spokesman on health.

Significantly, the list assigns responsibilities for all MPs except former leader Alfred Sant, an indication that he may be giving up his seat in Parliament in favour of Dr Muscat.

Dr Muscat as Leader of the Opposition (when he takes his seat in Parliament) will shadow the Office of the Prime Minister and be responsible for coordination of planning and priorities, internal audit and investigations and internal coordination on the European Union. He will be assisted by Karmenu Vella, chairman of the coordination group

Anglu Farrugia, formerly spokesman for justice, is deputy leader for parliamentary affairs and spokesman on employment and workers rights including the ETC, industrial relations, health and safety, living standards and cooperatives.

Justyne Caruana, formerly spokesman for youth affairs and sport, is now spokesman on the family and equality including the family, children, the Commissioner for Children and persons with disabilities.

Michael Farrugia, formerly spokesman on health, is now spokesman on Social Policy, including solidarity services, social security and housing.

New MP Anthony Agius Decelis is spokesman for generational solidarity, including the elderly and community care services, formerly the responsibility of Silvio Parnis. Mr Parnis is now spokesman on consumer affairs.

Karl Chircop becomes spokesman for health, taking over from Michael Farrugia. He will be assisted by Adrian Vassallo as spokesman on pateints’ rights.

Leo Brincat, formerly spokesman on foreign affairs and IT is now spokesman on the environment, sustainable development and climate change.

Roderick Galdes remains spokesman on the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.

Charles Buhagiar too retains his responsibilities as spokesman on the infrastructure including urban development, the roads, national projects and the construction industry.

New MP Marlene Pullicino has been appointed spokesman on utility services including Enemalta and the Water Services Corporation.

Joseph Cuschieri, formerly spokesman on Air Malta, is now spokesman on public works, manufacturing and services.

Joe Mizzi remains the Opposition whip and becomes spokesman on transport, including civil aviation, the Maritime Authority and oil exploration, areas in which he was also involved in the last legislature.

Joe Debono Grech remains spokesman on ports and defence and Helena Dalli remains spokesman on the public service and the shipyard but her responsibilities now also include public investment including privatization.

Newcomer Anthony Zammit is spokesman on Civil Society and Minority Rights including the MCESD, information, animal rights and contact with civil society.

Stefan Buontempo, formerly spokesman on housing, is now spokesman on local government.

Charles Mangion remains the opposition spokesman on finance.

Gavin Gulia moves from home affairs to being the spokesman on the economy and the self-employed.

In another major shift, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, formerly spokesman on social policy, is now the opposition spokesman on tourism, taking that responsibility from Evarist Bartolo.

Mr Bartolo returns to his first love, education and youth affairs.

Chris Cardona, formerly spokesman on local government, is now responsible for competitiveness, communications and technology including spokesman for the opposition on SmartCity.

Carmelo Abela, who used to be responsible for education, is now spokesman on industry and foreign investment.

Responsibility for agriculture and fisheries has been moved from Noel Farrugia to Joe M. Sammut, previously spokesman on SMEs. Noel Farrugia is now responsible for sustainable development and international development aid.

New MP Owen Bonnici is spokesman on Youth and Culture.

Chris Agius, the former spokesman for industry, is now spokesman for sport.

George Vella makes a return to foreign affairs, including relations with the EU, for which he was already responsible. He will be assisted by Luciano Busuttil, spokesman on European Affairs, including Meusac.

Michael Falzon, the former MLP deputy leader for party affairs, has taken over from Gavin Gulia as spokesman on internal affairs and security including immigration.

Anton Refalo remains opposition spokesman for Gozo.

Jose' Herrera has succeeded Anglu Farrugia as spokesman for justice.

Significantly, the list assigns responsibilities for all MPs except former leader Alfred Sant, an indication that he may be giving up his seat in Parliament in favour of Dr Muscat.

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