The bathroom is where all family members start and end their day. It needs to be a haven of relaxation, so it should be a well-organised, functional space for your family. Making the right choices in the early stages as to which fittings you would like in your bathroom is essential to guarantee that your shower or bath time will never disappoint.

Designing or renovating a bathroom can be challenging, especially if the space is limited and if homeowners have various ideas they would want to combine.

Unique combinations can be selected to design your bathroom space exactly how you imagine it. Today, a concealed shower or bath system is considered to be the most modern, clean and personalised way of expressing your bathroom atmosphere. And a complementing concealed wash-hand basin mixer to go along with your sink will further maximise your bathroom space. This is because the mixer is installed in the wall, not on the bathroom unit, and therefore this can help when space is limited and you would like to keep clutter away. Apart from being a space saving option, it also adds a particular touch to your bathroom.

The bathroom is a place where people unwind and relax after a day’s work

Over the years, purchasing trends change and nowadays online shopping has become a live showcase of a wide range of products. This is also happening in bathroom fittings products. Customers often ask to view the full range and would like to have the necessary knowledge on products in order to make the best possible selection quickly. And though some may think that bathroom fittings are a mere detail in a room, they are in reality the core and functional elements of the bathroom. They should thus truly enhance your bathroom’s shine.

Since time is of the essence, the bathroom is a place where people unwind and relax after a day’s work. For this reason, consumers are giving bathroom fittings the proper attention and are also realising that thought needs to be invested in the design, quality and the how and why of water flow.

There is now a specialised and well-displayed one-stop shop for the highest standards of bathroom fittings. Specialising in brassware for all your bathroom needs and accessories, Bridgepoint takes pride in offering a comprehensive product portfolio which includes a wide range of high quality bathroom fittings, accessories and kitchen mixers all under one roof.

Bridgepoint is the expert in the field of water mixers with a vast product range that has been carefully chosen to suit all client requests. Bridgepoint also offers a complete functional solution. Using high quality brass and the latest CNC machining, Bridgepoint prepare the best surface for a three-layer chroming process to give products a lustrous, mirror-like shine. This results in a product which is soil repellent and tarnish resistant.

Apart from boasting a competitive price range, Bridgepoint places luxury and comfort at the very heart of its designs, while insisting on high quality standards.

Choosing Bridgepoint’s products contributes to the world’s global climate needs of improvement because their products are designed with eco-friendly processes. And all mixers are pre-equipped with aerators to further decrease the excessive use of water – this translates into further money savings. Being a company that guarantees high quality products, innovative designs, and excellent customer care and aftersales, Bridgepoint will help you find the perfect match. Above all, Bridgepoint offers a 10-year warranty on its entire product range.

For more information, visit the Bridgepoint showroom in Psaila Street, Santa Venera, which is open all day from 9am to 7pm. You can also contact Bridgepoint on 2147 2241 or

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