GasanMamo has made it easier than ever to file a motor insurance claim online. It is faster than doing it by telephone and customers get the same level of service. Moreover, they can do it in their own time.

The new GasanMamo online claims form is designed to make it easy for customers to provide all the information needed. Custo­mers can fill it up at any convenient time. They can also send photos and scanned documents to help in the processing of claims.

GasanMamo has dedicated mem­bers of staff who will ensure that claims will receive immediate attention in the same way as when customers call in person or by phone to report a claim.

Customers can find detailed information about making a claim on the motor claims page on the GasanMamo website, which also has a link to the on­line claim form.

Once basic details are entered, the system will automatically pick out the relevant information from the relative policy file and guide customers step-by-step on how to input the information re­quired.

The process is fast and easy. As soon as a claim is received, customers will be contacted with advice on the next steps. 

Francis Valletta, GasanMamo motor general manager, commented that more claims were being registered online as this was found to be such a convenient way to go about it. 

“We understand that customers do not always have the time to come in person to our offices or to make a telephone call during a busy day. With this ser­vice, they can register the claim when it is most convenient to them and in a very straightforward manner.”

Claims are processed during our normal working hours.