The Foreign Ministry said today that Malta fully supported efforts for a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and for immediate humanitarian aid to the victims.

In a statement, the ministry said Malta continued to be deeply concerned at the ongoing fighting in Gaza, in particular the suffering and anguish of the civilian population in the region.

"As a matter of utmost urgency, there must be an unconditional halt to rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel and an end to Israeli military action. Violence and military options are not the solution," the ministry said.

"Malta fully supports international efforts to find an immediate solution to the crisis and the establishment of a permanent ceasefire. In parallel, immediate humanitarian action is required and Israel must grant immediate unhindered and secure passage for the delivery of the humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip."

It said the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be based on the process set out in Annapolis and in accordance with the terms of reference of the Madrid Conference, in particular land for peace, the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the Quartet's roadmap.


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