The Malta-based I-Go Aid Foundation is hoping to be able to send medical personnel and supplies to Tripoli tomorrow.

The NGO was set up in February in Malta by a number of Libyan and Maltese volunteers and has been shipping humanitarian aid to a number of points in Libya throughout the crisis.

Spokesman Alaeddin Mintasser told Sky News this afternoon that in view of a shortage of oxygen in Tripoli hospitals, the foundation has bought every oxygen cylinder it could lay its hands on in Malta.

It has also bought a range of other medical supplies and they are currently being loaded on the foundation's ship for dispatch to Tripoli. A team of doctors and other medical personnel will also join the ship, which is due to sail from Grand Harbour tomorrow.

Over the past few months the foundation ferried a number of journalists to Libya and evacuated injured persons from Libya including five-year-old Malak, who lost a leg during bombing in Misurata and is now being treated in a US hospital.

Meanwhile the Maltese ship Triva I, which had attempted to evacuate workers from Tripoli but was unable to do so because of security concerns, is back in Malta. Sources said that a fresh attempt to evacuate the workers from Tripoli harbour is expected to be made in the coming hours, but a lot depends on the security situation in the Libyan capital.

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