Malta Fashion Week 2019, being held at Fort St Elmo in Valletta, started off a high note.

Architecture in fashion. Photo: Steven MuliettArchitecture in fashion. Photo: Steven Muliett

The main square is hosting a catwalk and is surrounded by exhibits, bars, stands and a makeshift photo booth.

The opening show, The Cure, by Rosemarie Abela earned a huge applause from the audience, who immediately fell in love with the eclectic and inspired collection.

It was followed by an interesting and a rather unique collection from a platform Architecture in Fashion, the first and only platform which showcases and sells architectural wearables worldwide. Designers Veni Morgan’s handbags, Radian and Sheida Farrokhi’s jewellery, complemented Nasim’s collection.

The last show of the night was a brand new line designed by Drew Warhurst. It was fascinating, unashamedly glam and immediately popular.

Malta Fashion Week is sponsored by Land Rover Jaguar, supported by Fashion TV Gaming Group. Malta Fashion Awards is sponsored by Coca Cola and supported by MedAsia Cabs.

Other main sponsors include Aldo, Airmalta, Malta Tourism Authority, Keune, Hilton and Fashion Vodka.

Local designers are being supported by the Creative Partnership Agreement whilst international designers are supported by the Valletta Cultural Agency.

Drew & Crew. Photo: Justin CiapparaDrew & Crew. Photo: Justin Ciappara

Drew & Crew. Photo: Justin CiapparaDrew & Crew. Photo: Justin Ciappara

Drew & Crew. Photo: Kurt ParisDrew & Crew. Photo: Kurt Paris

Rosemarie Abela. Photo: Bernard PolidanoRosemarie Abela. Photo: Bernard Polidano

Rosemarie Abela. Photo: Kurt ParisRosemarie Abela. Photo: Kurt Paris



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