Malta on Monday had the fourth-highest booster rate among European Union members, according to the latest figures from the European Centre for Disease Control.

The data show that Austria, Denmark and Ireland were slightly ahead of Malta in their COVID booster vaccine roll-out.

Health Minister Chris Fearne on Monday highlighted new data from other sources showing Malta’s high booster vaccination rate along with the lowest hospitalisation rate in Europe.

Fearne used the data to reiterate that the vaccine booster worked and was reducing hospitalisation. He urged people to take it.

According to the ECDC data, 44.6% of Malta’s population has been administered the booster.

According to the health authorities, 278,153 doses of the vaccine booster had been administered by Sunday.

Denmark’s was the highest rate in Europe, with just over half of its population given the third dose, followed by Austria with 46.4 per cent and Ireland with 45.5 per cent.

At the lower end of the table, Romania is languishing at just 5.9 per cent and Croatia at 13 per cent.

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