Malta is the third most European country, a report by a British social research agency concluded.

The agency, NatCen, said that according to their latest report ‘Do we feel European and does it matter?’, only 26 per cent of the Maltese felt non-European.

The country registering the lowest European identity was the United Kingdom.

According to this year's Eurobarometer survey, as many as 64 per cent of people in the UK said they did not feel European.With only 17  per cent of non-European people, Luxembourg was the most ‘European’ country in the list.

The report also claimed that men (19 per cent) are more likely to feel European than women (12 per cent). People aged under 65 (18 per cent) felt more European that their older fellow citizens (eight per cent).

The most shocking difference was in the schooling level of European citizens. Graduates (29 per cent) were more likely than those without any qualifications (five per cent) to feel European.

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