How much has Malta changed over the past 60 years?

That sort of question can be hard to answer objectively, but Times of Malta videographer Matthew Mirabelli has given it a go.

The following images juxtapose the past and present of a number of well-known Maltese locations, from the Mosta Dome to Spinola Bay, using old, undated photos made available by the Maltese Old Photos group on Facebook.

Comparing past and present photos reveals how time – and development – has completely transformed some places beyond recognition. Others looks fairly similar, save for a few modifications. 

Swipe left or right across each photo to reveal more of each of the location’s two photos.

Do you have photos of old Malta which you'd like to share with us? Get in touch on or upload them to your favourite social media channel using the hashtag #TimesGoneBy

Birżebbuġa promenade


Australia Hall

Spinola Bay

Mosta Dome 

Mosta church parvis

Mosta square



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