Labour MP Oliver Scicluna on Tuesday expressed his belief that Malta is too small to have 13 electoral districts.

Speaking in parliament, the MP pointed out how certain European countries that are bigger than Malta actually have fewer electoral districts.

Scicluna said MPs from both sides of the house had expressed agreement with him publicly or privately after he took to social media highlighting the problems brought about by political patronage

The MP expressed his belief that the electoral system is in need of an overhaul.

“The way MPs are elected is not always of benefit to the country”, Scicluna said, as much of a candidate’s focus ends up being on chasing votes.

Scicluna clarified that his declaration did not mean MPs should not remain in close contact with their constituents.

“I did not say we should not always be there for the people. Politics should be based on what people tell us”, Scicluna said.

Scicluna singled out Opposition MP Karol Aquilina for portraying clientelism as something of the government's making.

“When I was young, I remember PN governments buying votes with favours,” Scicluna said.

The MP also said the time was ripe for a discussion on what is expected of local councils, many of which did not have the necessary resources to carry out their work.

The former commissioner for the rights of persons with a disability called for an audit of accessibility across the island.

He pointed out that even in the case of new pavements, many a time these were not fully accessible and safe.

Scicluna said these pavements should not be for planters or chairs, but for people.

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