A presentation entitled ‘Flying doughnuts’ demonstrating the science behind wingtip vortices crowned Anthony Galea as Famelab Malta’s champion for 2018.

Famelab is a global science communications competition in which participants have to deliver a three-minute talk on a science topic in an engaging and effective manner. Seven contestants took part in this year’s local final, which was hosted by the Esplora Science Centre in Kalkara.

Their presentations were evaluated by panel of judges on the basis of the content, clarity and charisma of their respective talks.

Galea is a lecturer at the Physical Oceanography Research Group of the University of Malta’s Department of Geosciences. He was also won the Public’s Choice Award. In June, Galea will represent Malta at the 2018 Famelab International competition at the Cheltenham Science Festival, UK, where he will vie with peers from over 25 other countries for the title of Famelab’s best science communicator.

The Famelab Malta competition was organised by Esplora in collaboration with British Council Malta and Arts Council Malta.

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