A 27-year-old Maltese man - who spent two weeks in a Spanish hospital fighting COVID-19 - has given a harrowing account of his experience. 

Matthias Kentzia from St Julian's - who lists project management as his profession on Facebook - posted a harrowing account of his ordeal to his followers.

"This is not the time to be selfish. This is the time to make sacrifices for the greater good. I know that staying at home is not easy. But trust me, lying in bed gasping for air is harder." said Matthias, who also suffered from bilateral pneumonia during his time in hospital, which, he said, almost killed him.

"I led a healthy, active lifestyle, and have no pre-existing conditions. COVID-19 rendered me near paralysed with fever and needing 24/7 oxygen support. I am not invincible. You are not invincible. The people around you are not invincible. We are all vulnerable."

Matthais is urging people to appreciate the work healthcare workers are doing and not put them at any further risk.

"Health care systems around the world are struggling to keep up and some are collapsing entirely. Thousands are dying each day and we may still be far from the worst of it. The dedication and sacrifice of the health care workers on the front lines are indescribable. Many are also falling ill and even dying in their attempts to save the rest of us. They deserve all of our respect and SUPPORT. So please, listen to the professionals. Stay home, isolate, and wash your hands. This is the best way to inhibit the spread of the virus, the best way to reduce the load on the hospitals, and our best chance at saving as many lives as possible."

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