An online casino comparison website,, has made its business fully remote last year, allowing all employees to work from home should they wish to. 

The decision was made to ensure the company was not limiting any employee, some of which may feel more productive in the comfort of their own home. The move also helps cut down on pollution, preventing additional traffic and fumes as workers commute to the office each day. 

Alongside these positive outcomes, remote working enables all workers, no matter which country they reside in, to work for the business without issue. What’s more, office hours have also been made fully flexible, with some employees choosing to work from 6am whereas others choose 11am. 

Although the company is offering this full flexibility, they do have an office located in Sliema, Malta, with a desk for each and every employee should they want to come in. 

Sirp de Wit, CEO of Inovatiq Ltd, parent company of, said: “We have employees spread across nine European countries, so making our entire business remote made sense to us in 2019. We want to make work as inclusive and accessible as possible for everyone, no matter where they are or what their lifestyle is. 

“This change has allowed us to register a 61 per cent increase in productivity. Moreover, rent in Malta has become incredibly high in recent years, meaning many businesses are being forced to shut shop or else experience high employee turnover. We think remote working is the perfect solution to the issue, as employees can work from their country without the need for them to move to Malta.” 

The decision of this company paid off as they had a head start when compared with other companies where they were forced to work remotely in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. had the time to plan and execute this decision rather than being  forced to do so. 

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