A domestic argument that spiraled out of hand landed a young man in custody he allegedly attacked his parents after a night of drink and drugs.

The 29-year old man from Swieqi was arrested after the police received a call for assistance from the distraught parents in the early hours of Tuesday.

The man was marched to court on Wednesday afternoon charged with attempting to grievously injure his father, without the intent to place his life in danger, slightly injuring both parents, threatening and assaulting them, as well as causing them to fear violence.

He was further charged with possessing ecstasy, cannabis and cocaine as well as with having stolen an undisclosed sum of cash from his parents.

The man pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody after his legal aid counsel, Dr Leontine Calleja, informed the court that no request for bail was being made at this stage.

Upon a request by the defence, unopposed by prosecuting officer Joseph Xerri, the Court, presided over by magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo, recommended that the accused be remanded to the Forensic Unit at Mount Carmel Hospital on account of his drug problem and a history of mental illness.

The court recommended that the young man be followed by a psychologist as well as social workers who could best tailor a treatment plan to enable him to combat his drug problems.

Upon a request by parte civile lawyer Karl Brincau, the court further issued a Protection Order in favour of the concerned parents who were also present during the arraignment.

Finally the court issued a ban on the publication of the accused’s name so as to safeguard the victims in this domestic violence incident.