A serial quarantine-breaker has been fined €9,000 after leaving his designated residence five times, the health authorities have confirmed. 

The French man was caught three times when the fine was set at €1,000 and a further two times when the fine for breaking quarantine was raised to €3,000. 

Strict quarantine rules have been in place since Tuesday, obliging people who travelled, those living with them and anyone who has been in contact with a coronavirus patient to stay at home for 14 days. 

Quarantine fines are, however, only applicable on conviction. This means the man has to go to court and be found guilty before he is made to pay the fine.

A total of 11 fines have so far been issued by the authorities to people breaking the rules.

As well as the French man, the others are a Maltese person, two Indian people and an Italian. They were fined €3000. 

A total of 1,021 spot checks have been carried out by police so far. 

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