A man who lived in a warehouse was fined €800 by a court on Sunday after admitting to an altercation with his boss over unpaid wages.  

Adrian Wiencek, a Pole, came to Malta to work and had been living at a warehouse, where he worked as a driver.

The 28-year-old had claimed that he had not been paid since December and was left with no money to buy food or to send back home to his family, the court heard.

As frustration grew, he got into an argument with his boss and ended up damaging microwaves and other appliances.

Mr Wiencek pleaded guilty and pledged not to do it again.

He was handed a 20-month jail term suspended for four years and fined €800, with the court taking into consideration that he had cooperated with the police.

Lawyer Francine Abela appeared for the accused.
Inspector Roderick Spiteri prosecuted.