A 35-year-old man in Japan has decided to give up his pursuit of finding the perfect woman, instead, opting to marry a computer character, who took on doll-form for the sake of their wedding.

His bride is Hatsune Miku, she's a virtual reality star in Japan - with thousands of loyal fans.

She was developed as a computer-generated singing software that resembles a 16-year-old anime pop star.

Her creator, Crypton Future Media - declined to comment when approached by Reuters.

They declared their love for each other, in front of nearly 40 wedding guests this month, in an $18,000 wedding ceremony.

Weeks after their vows, Akihiko Kondo is settling into married life.

When he returns home in the Japanese suburbs - after work in a local middle school - a holographic projection of his bride welcomes him home.

She can recognize his face and voice, and can respond with simple phrases and songs.

Hatsune Miku's projection was developed by Japanese tech developer Gatebox.

Last year, they began issuing marriage registration forms.

They're not official, but according to their website nearly 4,000 of these so-called certificates have been downloaded.

Kondo says some people have accused him of being a creepy "otaku," which loosely translates to geeks who live an anti-social life.

Others have accused him of contributing to Japan's declining population.

While some - have even accused him of stealing their pop star.

But that doesn't phase Kondo, nor does the fact his parents didn't attend his wedding.

He says he hopes his declaration of love to a trademarked character will inspire others to find marital bliss, in whatever form it might take.


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