A man yesterday told a court that he had borrowed money from a loan shark but was still being threatened despite paying it all back.

Tony Muscat testified in the case against Melvin Theuma, 25, of Marsa, who is pleading not guilty to lending money at interest without authorisation. He was also charged with threatening Muscat and his wife Frida.

Muscat told Magistrate Abigail Lofaro that he borrowed Lm2,000 from Theuma to bet on horses and paid him back Lm3,000.

He borrowed another Lm3,000 three months ago and agreed with Theuma on a Lm5,000 lump sum repayment with a Lm120 a week penalty in the interim. The money was repaid as agreed.

He then borrowed Lm1,000 to which he was to add Lm500 on repayment followed by a Lm500 loan, to which he was to add Lm250 interest.

Muscat said he now owed another four people money because he had been borrowing money from them to pay Theuma back.

He said he and Theuma had never put the loans in writing because they trusted each other.

The case continues.

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