During the month of March, 10 employees from MAPFRE Group helped out at Dar Papa Franġisku, a shelter home that provides meals and/or temporary shelter for persons in crisis, including those who are rendered homeless due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

Dar Papa Franġisku is one of the largest houses in Fleur-de-Lys Road and is run by Caritas in partnership with the government and the Alfred Mizzi Foundation. The shelter is open to those in need 24 hours a day and seven days a week, while guaranteeing a good and well-balanced daily meal for both day residents and the homeless. As of now, there are approximately 20 beds accommodating men and women, and in case of day meals, there are 36 seats to accommodate the day residents.

The 10 full-time care workers at the Dar Papa Franġisku received the necessary training on similar home models that Caritas have in Rome in order to help those individuals in need to the best of their capabilities.

MAPFRE Group had made arrangements with the care workers at the home to help out in their kitchen and serve food to the day residents.

“It was a memorable experience to give a helping hand at Dar Papa Franġisku. Such experience made us realise how much we should appreciate and be thankful for what we have,” said Jessica Deguara, head of management control at MAPFRE Middlesea.

MAPFRE Group will continue to sponsor such activities throughout the year of 2019.


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