On the occasion of MAPFRE Middlesea’s 40th anniversary, José Ramón Alegre, CEO responsible for MAPFRE’s Eurasia operations, visited the company at its headquarters in Floriana.

During his visit, Alegre met the CEOs of MAPFRE’s two operations in Malta, MAPFRE Middlesea’s CEO and Country CEO for MAPFRE Malta Javier Moreno and MAPFRE MSV Life’s CEO Etienne Sciberras. He also visited the offices of MAPFRE Malta’s main local shareholders and partners, Bank of Valletta, where he met the bank’s chairman Gordon Cordina and CEO Rick Hunkin.

While in Malta, Alegre also met MAPFRE Middlesea directors, members of the the executive management of both companies, and visited one of the company’s regional offices and one of its agents.

MAPFRE is a major player on the global insurance market, with interests spread across five continents, and is one of the fastest growing insurance groups in Spain and South America. While welcoming Alegre on his visit to Malta, MAPFRE Middlesea CEO Moreno remarked that the establishment of MAPFRE’s operations in Malta have contributed to extend the reach of the MAPFRE brand in southern Europe.

On the other hand, the brand’s values, and especially its focus on the customer, have further enhanced Middlesea’s 40-year reputation as a trustworthy insurer. Alegre also took the opportunity to express his appreciation to all the company’s employees for their loyalty over the years.

Middlesea Insurance plc was registered in 1981 as the first Maltese insurance company transacting general business. In 1983, the company also started writing life business. In 1994, Middlesea was the first insurance company to be listed on the Malta Stock Exchange and founded Middlesea Valletta Life Assurance Co. Ltd (now MAPFRE MSV Life plc) in partnership with Bank of Valletta plc, to focus solely on life business. In 2011, MAPFRE Internacional obtained a majority shareholding in Middlesea Insurance plc, and as at that date, the company became a member of the MAPFRE Group.

In 2015, Middlesea Insurance changed its name to MAPFRE Middlesea plc, thus enabling it to benefit from its association with the MAPFRE global brand while retaining the goodwill generated by the local Middlesea brand.

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