March is kitchens month at Oxford House. Customers can benefit from free Bosch appliances with every Nobilia kitchen. The German brand offers the latest range of kitchens with compelling features and models.

For those considering buying a new kitchen, the Line N offers clean lines, refined materials and clearly structured architecture. The Nobilia range includes impressive features and outstanding aesthetics, with various colours and finishes and a number of versatile accessories.

Exciting contrasts and subtle accents of fronts and colours allow one to turn the rear shelf panels into little works of art. Nobilia offers a range of eight contemporary solid colours, as well as concrete and bronze decors.

With a mix of modern and classic elements that create charm, the cottage look is still in demand, as it brings along charming details such as wicker work basket pullouts, framed glass doors or bottle racks that lend an authentic appearance. As to storage, Nobilia always thinks of innovative ways how to make our lives easier in the kitchen.

The Nobilia range is available at Oxford House in Mrie─žel.


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