In the last few years, Valletta has regained its proverbial status of a “city of palaces built by gentlemen for gentlemen.” To be fair, it had never lost it, because even though the capital had lost some of its upper-case status, its beauty was still there: the baroque magnificence; the light fantastic that hits its impregnable fortifications; the busy hubbub of pigeons kissing in otherwise quiet streets.

But recently, a growing appreciation of Valletta has transformed it into a city for working, playing and staying, buzzing with life all year round..

In this respect, VBL Group has been the prime mover in this appreciation. The largest private owner of real estate in Valletta, VBL Group has a diversified portfolio of residential, hospitality, commercial and office space. 

The Group, which made its trading debut on the Malta Stock Exchange last October, has three major business lines: acquisition, development, and operations. All three work independently but each play the role of catalyst for each other. 

VBL Group’s plan to consolidate the Valletta hospitality market is now reaping further success, as it has been selected to operate the former Hotel de Vilhena, one of the most prominent boutique hotels in Valletta, just metres away from St George’s Square.

We are honoured to have been entrusted with the management of this beautiful property

VBL Group’s growth strategy, of consolidating the fragmented Valletta hospitality operators under one large institutional operation is moving swiftly ahead, in line with its recent IPO prospectus. The Group now operates five collective accommodation properties: Valletta Dormitory, Capital Inn, De La Valette Guesthouse, The Coleridge and now the former Hotel de Vilhena which will be rebranded as The Manoel Hotel, due to its proximity and view of the famous Manoel Theatre. The Group, well known for its engagement in the local arts and culture scene, will continue its collaborating role with the theatre to further enhance Valletta’s overall attractiveness.

“We are honoured to have been entrusted with the management of this beautiful property,” said VBL Group chairman Andrei Imbroll. 

“Our unit growth projections for the year have now been achieved ahead of time, significantly outstripping the number of rooms we had forecasted to add to the operation during 2022.”

Dr Imbroll added: “As we move out of the pandemic, the outlook for the Group remains stronger than ever, with record revenues expected during 2022 while in the midst of our aggressive development program. We are pleased to see that the public now recognizes VBL PLC as the leading Valletta investor, developer and operator with a very clear and focused strategic vision.” 

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