Marsovin has just celebrated its 100th anniversary. Considered a major milestone for any winery, this landmark highlights just how resilient its foundations were and how forward-thinking the family behind it has been. Jo Caruana takes a walk down memory lane.

Humble beginnings

Anthony Cassar – great-grandfather of current Marsovin CEO Jeremy Cassar – set up a wine merchant business in 1919, with very few resources. Against all odds, it turned out to mark the start of a very strong enterprise.

Major strides forward

Just before World War II, Anthony Cassar risked everything by investing more in his business; it was a make or break decision that proved to be successful. It was then that he parted ways with his brother and set up the winery that would become Marsovin – known then as Anthony Cassar & Son. 




Next generation

A young Joe Cassar joined his father’s business. He was determined to raise the bar of wine production in Malta, and to make it one known for good quality.  

Official business

Marsovin was incorporated in 1956 as a family-run company that would grow to become a significant part of the history of winemaking in Malta.

Family lines

Young Tony Cassar took over the reins of the winery. He brought together the entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather and the modernising vision of his father.

A treasure lies beneath

The Marsovin Cellars were inaugurated. Situated in a historic building built by the Knights of St John, today they house over 250 oak barrels, used to age Marsovin’s Premium Single Estate Wines.

Destinations of quality

Marsovin began its investment into five estates around Malta and Gozo. These were specifically selected for premium winemaking.

Next steps

Now in its fourth generation, Jeremy Cassar heads the Marsovin Winery. He bears the responsibility for taking the winery beyond a century of achievements and towards the creation of new, top-quality wines.

A modern milestone

In commemoration of its 100th anniversary, Marsovin has produced a limited-edition premium wine, bottled in an exclusive selection of sizes from 75cl, Magnum, Double Magnum, Jeroboam and Melchior.


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