Inizjamed and the British Council have launched Klandestini - Emerging Mediterranean Writers, a 15-month creative writing project for emerging writers and secondary school students in five countries: Malta, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, and Greece.

The first stage of the project, being held with the support of the St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, took place recently in Malta.

The Klandestini project is bringing together emerging writers from Mediterranean countries so that they are able to share thoughts, write down their ideas and eventually be provided with exposure to a wider audience.

Established writers based in the UK are leading a series of workshops in the participating countries in which the emerging writers will write in the native language and have their poems or short stories translated into English. The writers will be linked together through a website created in the UK and administered by Inizjamed in Malta.

A secondary, but very important aim of the project is to run parallel workshops for teenagers.

Klandestini reaches its climax with the Festival of Emerging Mediterranean Writers to be held at St James Cavalier, Valletta, in November.

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