The government has suggested that St Augustine College in Pieta' could use the Medical School building to house its primary school, informed sources said.

The offer was made as a way out the situation which developed when Mepa refused to grant the college a permit to build on a plot adjacent to the college.

The medical school building is located just behind St Augustine on the grounds of St Luke's Hospital. Most of the functions of the Medical School are currently housed in the administration block of Mater Dei Hospital.

The proposal was made during a meeting which college officials had at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Last month some 600 teachers students and parents called on the Office of the Prime Minister to intervene in the issue and an appeal was also filed after the Mepa decision.

Neighbours of the college are insisting however, that the college should be treated like anybody else and if no development is allowed on the site chosen by the college, no permit should be issued.

It is understood that other options offered by the college were to build the college, including the new primary school, elsewhere, or to build the primary school elsewhere.

It is understood that the college authorities showed interest in the possibility of taking over the Medical School building but rejected the other two options.

College rector Fr Alan Scerri said the viability of using the Medical School building is under consideration and much depended on the alteration costs involved.

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