Updated August 17 with Melita comments

Melita has denied it has made a decision to stop its e-mail service, contrary to a recent news report. 

"No such plans exist and customers can rest assured their e-mail service will not be discontinued," the company said. 

"While we are not investing in this particular service, and focusing on other core services, existing customers who use our e-mail service have nothing to worry about."

It had been reported that Melita is to follow in GO's footsteps and will also be winding down its e-mail service, though not for “some time to come”.

The item was based on a brief conversation the Times of Malta had with the company’s chief executive.

Melita CEO Harald Roesch had said the company had decided it was time to start scaling back the service and instead focus on “other core services”.

Earlier this month, long-standing GO e-mail users were disappointed to discover they would no longer be able to use the service either.

In an automated e-mail, GO told e-mail service users that “upon an in-depth analysis” of the service, the company had found there were a good number of alternatives available on the market that were free of charge, feature-rich and future proof. Most importantly, the company said, the alternatives were also “very user friendly, easy to set up and very secure”.

GO has also informed clients that, upon expiry of their current contract, they will no longer be able to access their inbox.