Nicole Saliba and Julia Schembri, two members of Frank Salt Real Estate’s support staff, have taken on the brave endeavour to travel to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with the Reaching Cambodia Foundation to participate in voluntary work in a residential centre that is home to children and youths aged between three and 20.

Frank Salt Real Estate has always given, and goes on to give, priority to its corporate social responsibilities and is extremely proud of its people who take on such admirable initiatives.

Nicole and Julia are spending their days with the children, taking care of their general well-being and education. They are teaching multiple core subjects such as reading, English, maths and basic hygiene. They are spending time playing with the children, doing crafts, dance and engaging them in all sorts of fun and educational activities. The girls are also helping around at the residential centre with cooking, laundry, cleaning and other daily chores.

“It’s a roller coaster of emotions here”, explains Julia. “The kids are so happy; they are always laughing and even though they don’t have much they make the best out of the little they have; their simplicity is everything”. These are the same children who have rickety sheds for houses and who, at the tender age of six, are working to maintain their families who consider money to be more important than education.

Various activities were organised locally to help raise funds for this trip to become a reality. The team at Frank Salt Real Estate managed to raise a generous amount of money towards this cause. “We wish our girls the best of luck in this life-changing experience and every success in trying to alleviate some of the hardships these children have to endure on a daily basis. We encourage our staff and the public to support charities like Reaching Cambodia in their remarkable work. Every little bit helps,” said director Godfrey Swain.

Follow Nicole and Julia, and their team of volunteers, on the ‘Reaching Cambodia’ Facebook page. Donations may be made via the foundation’s website at


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