Two men have been contacted by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority after a photograph of them working on a rail-less balcony went viral.

On Tuesday a picture of what looks like two construction workers in an apartment block was widely shared on social media and WhatsApp. 

One worker is seen hunched down on the edge of the balcony, whilst being held by a safety harness, which looks like a dog leash. 

Neither of the men are seen wearing safety vests or helmets.

In a statement, the OHSA said the photo did not indicate when it was taken or the location of the site but the Authority managed to identify the place and the people involved.

It said it "will continue with the necessary actions on this case."

The authority also warned people against sharing images of dangerous construction practices on social media without first informing it about the risk to safety and life of those involved. 

Last year, it carried out around 5000 inspections and issued 2000 orders to take necessary measures, it said. The authority also stopped 500 work activities and issued more than 300 fines. 

“However, health and safety officers may not be everywhere to observe every single workplace at all times," it said.

"That is why OHSA strongly insists that anyone who sees such situations, immediately reports to OHSA, even anonymously. By doing so OHSA can investigate immediately and take any necessary actions."

OHSA can be contacted on 21247677/99496786, by email on or through the app Bsafe@work.

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