The Times of Malta sheepishly noted that migrant boat arrivals in Malta stopped in 2015 as a result of a “gentleman’s agreement” later redefined as an “understanding” between Italy and Malta.

It however fails to explain why Malta wanted to shift this responsibility onto Italy and why this ‘gentleman’s agreement’ was kept secret in the first place.

If refugees are such a windfall for the EU, as the European Commission and many of our own MEPs are so fond of telling us, then why not keep this goody bag of ‘cultural diversity’ all to ourselves? Could it be because it is, in reality, a yoke around our necks and because NGOs earn a daily income from the government for every migrant they bring in?

No, I think it would be fitting if the new Italian Home Affairs Minister, Matteo Salvini, told us to forget about our gentleman’s agreement and made us assume responsibility for the status quo.

The Italian people made the right decision by electing the Northern League to rid it of the plague of irregular immigrants sucking the national coffers dry.

Let’s see how we like it when our long-suffering neighbour is not there to pick up our slack anymore.

Let’s see if we too have the guts to make our government safeguard our national identity. Let’s see if our people have the courage of their convictions and, more significantly, whether they have any convictions at all.

Free Tommy Robinson.

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