Dom Mintoff’s former private secretary had predicted Eddie Fenech Adami’s rise to power in 1974, three years before he was elected Nationalist Party leader.

Joe Camilleri also predicted, wrongly as it turned out, that Works Minister Lorry Sant would eventually take over the Labour Party.

Mr Camilleri made the forecasts during a confidential conversation with former US ambassador John Getz back in 1974. The previously classified telegram, published by Wikileaks, was sent from Mr Getz to the US State Department. 

“There is much talk about Borg Olivier’s lack of drive and the need to replace him,” the document says, adding much of this was being perpetuated by MPs George Bonello Dupuis and Mario Felice. 

The document confirms what previous documents had suggested, that controversial “Labour strong man” Lorry Sant was touted to take over as Labour leader.

“Camilleri pointed to Sant’s excellent performance as public works minister and well-known backing from the General Workers’ Union,” the document reads.

The former minister, however, is described by Mr Getz as being “very much under Mintoff’s shadow”. 

“Although an MLP strong man, he lacks appeal among labour intellectuals and non-worker MLP supporters,” the document says.

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