CCTV footage obtained by Times of Malta shows the moment a substantial part of a construction site collapsed on Saturday morning, burying at least six people under the rubble.

The footage shows the building inside the Corradino Industrial Estate beginning to collapse at 9:27am. One of the corners gives in, pushing out dozens of concrete bricks, and causing both its adjacent walls to crack and collapse in seconds. The bricks appear to be hollow. 

Video: The CCTV footage

The building comes crumbling down in less than six seconds, leaving a plume of white smoke as the debris falls.

Five workers who were caught in the collapse - three Albanians, a Bosnian and a Maltese - have since been rescued and taken to hospital. Three of them were critically injured in the collapse.  

A sixth worker, who police say is "around 20 years old", remains unaccounted for. Rescue workers were still scrambling to find him at the time of publication.

In the final frames of the video one can see what appears to be a person falling out from the top floor of the building. 

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