The University of Malta’s Institute of Maltese Studies is currently accepting applications for a part-time, three-year Master’s degree in Maltese Studies.

Among other issues to be tackled in the course, participants will find answers to a range of topical questions, such as:

Why are so many citizens of the world on the streets protesting about slavery, racism and colonialism? What kind of identity are they looking for?

Why have meanings behind monuments and national symbols been linked to past power? Are the world’s new societies rewriting history?

What constitutes nationality, affinity and belonging? Does memory change with time?

How does this movement affect one’s identity? And what about the Maltese identity? What makes one Maltese? Does Maltese identity follow suit? And what about Maltese future identity?

What makes one Maltese? What constitutes nationality, affinity and belonging?

The part-time course starts in October and comprises 11 study units spread over three years. It is focussed on Malta and the Maltese with special reference to culture and identity in their various forms and manifestations past and present.

The third year of the course is dedicated to a dissertation on a relevant topic.

The course is open to all applicants who have a first degree at any grade and others deemed to have other academic or professional qualifications and experience.

Students will be looking into themes such as history, commemorations and monumentalism, ethnography, mi­­gra­tion, society, food, agriculture, environment, religious values, archaeology, architecture, music, archives, language, literature, art, heritage, collective memory and cultural identity.

The master’s course is both a research training degree and a free-standing course drawing on expertise from a wide range of disciplines in different faculties, and students will be well-supported and have access to a wide and unique range of knowledge.

Interested applicants may apply by 2pm on Saturday, July 25, through the online application facility at the link provided here.

Late applications may be submitted up to 2pm on August 31 at an additional charge. Information regarding the course can also be obtained from the link below or the Institute of Maltese Studies’ Facebook page.

For more details and advice prospective applicants may call the University’s Admissions Office or the Institute’s secretariat on 2340 3305 or 2340 2566.

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