Albert Cilia-Vincenti (June 17) articulated at great length the many benefits of fish oils namely those containing the Omega-3 fatty acids.

He might be interested to know that the June edition of the American Journal of Psychiatry has just published the report of the study done in Israel by Robert H. Belmaker of Ben Gurion University. The study concluded that the effect of Omega-3 fatty acids supplements was "highly significant" in helping children suffering from depression between the ages of six and 12. Of course, no one should consider this as a treatment and professional help should be sought if anyone thinks intervention is warranted.

However, since this product has no known side effects and is readily available very cheaply, it certainly offers a potential real alternative to psycho-pharmaceuticals. No wonder the Department of Education in England is considering giving Omega-3 supplements to all children attending public schools in the UK on a regular basis.

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