The harvesting of renewable energy from grid-connected photovoltaic systems in 2021 was eight per cent higher than in the previous year, according to the National Statistics Office.

The NSO said there were 31,000 PV installations, 85% of which were in Malta. The stock was six per cent higher than in 2020Most of the panels - 94% - are owned by the domestic sector, where most of the increase was also registered.

Most increases in new PV installations resulted from the domestic sector. 

Production of energy from PVs: 2021 

When it comes to energy production, this increased by 9% over 2020 with the panels owned by the commercial sector accounting for 52% of the total kWp.

When compared to the situation in 2020, generation of energy from grid-connected PVs increased by 8%, totalling an estimated value of 256 GWh.

Most energy was generated in the south eastern and northern districts at 23% and 17% of the total GWh respectively. 

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