Another two examples (February 13) of what we, mere ignorant ‘foreigners’, cannot comprehend as the workings of Eddy Privitera’s exulted leader’s, the Mighty Muscat, band of brothers.

Firstly, Andrea Fenech Farrugia is suspended on full pay (unlike Messrs Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri who still ‘work’ for their pay)... Supposedly.

Next, the Justice Minister is described as making a “Russian”-style presentation (that’ll be a spin-off from the passport sales) to the European Parliament committee on financial crimes.

This in a week when the Mighty Muscat is in London meeting Prime Minister Theresa May (probably telling her to get her house in order as his government is the envy of the world... not).

Seriously, is no one concerned about these continual revelations? It certainly does not seem to be so.


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