The site on which planning permission was granted for a development project of AX Holdings, limits of Mosta, has low archaeological value, according to the Planning Authority.

The development permission (PA 3770/16) issued by the Planning Commission was only granted after the Planning Directorate had consulted with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage (SCH) amongst other relevant consultees.
It said that the SCH had recommended approval of the development since a comprehensive archaeological investigation had already been carried out in 2013.

Earlier this week, Partit Demokratiku flagged that the site was being “blasted into oblivion” and said that there was no monitoring on the site, in spite of the Superintendence recommendation for works to be supervised.

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The PA reassured that the monitoring condition was being observed by the applicant, but that it would continue to monitor to ensure that works were in accordance with the approved permit.

This site forms part of a larger area of land (Tal-Qares) which back in 2006 was identified for inclusion in the Development Zone through the Rationalisation Exercise. The land was included subject to the comprehensive archaeological study to determine suitability or otherwise for inclusion.

The potential features of archaeological importance were a primary consideration in the assessment process of the planning control application, the PA said.

The approved scheme included areas where no rock-cutting or development is be allowed and where green open spaces are to be kept to protect archaeological features.

The AX Holdings project will see the area turned into a showroom, five maisonettes, seven apartments, four penthouses and 18 garages across four storeys.

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