Workers and patients at Mount Carmel Hospital are being humiliated by the government, Opposition leader Adrian Delia said on Sunday.

Speaking during a short telephone phone-in on Net FM, Dr Delia hit out at the conditions at the mental health hospital.

The Times of Malta revealed this week how three-quarters of the wards at the hospital have condemned ceilings.

In one ward, the foundations too gave way and cracks were so wide that rats were sneaking in, according to a technical report.

In their report, architects declared rooms in most wards as being unsafe and ordered their immediate closure so patients were being transferred to adjacent wards that also had structural problems in the ceiling.

PN campaign for European elections

In his address, Dr Delia announced that the PN would be kicking of its campaign for the local council and European Parliament elections on Monday.

He said the campaign would be a continuation of a journey where the party continued to listen to people’s aspirations and problems.

Dr Delia said the PN would be presenting solutions to these problems, and would show it had the ideas and energy, as well as the moral will, to take the country in a better direction.

The Opposition leader vowed that the one thing that would be absent from the PN’s campaign was hate.

Dr Delia said he had met with 2,200 small businesses over the past months.

He said he had also met with many enthusiasts who participated in the Easter celebrations.

Ceilings in three out of every four rooms have been certified as unsafe.

This showed the Maltese identity was still alive, as these celebrations united families, communities and youths.

He said around 20,000 people actively participated in such celebrations and processions, which culminate with processions of the Risen Christ. 

Dr Delia said this moment epitomised how there was always hope in the battle of good versus evil.


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