The MUMN nurses' union has urged the authorities to stop sending people to quarantine in hotels when they can stay elsewhere, describing the current procedure as 'punishment'.

The union has joined a chorus of protests against the practice, applicable to travellers who arrive from 'dark-red zone' countries, because of concerns over COVID-19.  On Monday three family members, forced to quarantine for 14 days at a hotel upon their return to Malta from a ‘dark red’ destination, filed a judicial protest, saying such a "draconian" measure by the superintendent of public health breached their fundamental rights.

"It is clearly evident that this is not a COVID-19 measure but a punishment for going abroad to a red zone country" the union said. But, it said, travel,  was not always for pleasure.

Echoing a statement by the PN on Monday, it accused the authorities of being insensitive by not even granted exemptions for people with special needs.

"What is even worst, is that although the (quarantined) person pays €100 daily, the service in these hotels is far from acceptable" the union said. 

It observed that nursing agencies that bring nurses from abroad to work in Malta are facing serious difficulties as a result of "this useless measure".

It urged the prime minister to amend the legal notice and allow all those having a residence to quarantine there.


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