In his article ‘Stains on our conscience’ (April 11) Ranier Fsadni wrote: “At the heart of our Constitution – what pulls it all together, whatever its weaknesses – is a value explicitly preached by Judaism, Christianity and Islam alike: when one person dies, the whole of humanity dies too. And every assassination and murder is a potentially fatal wound the entire body politic receives. It’s a civic disaster.”

Fsadni was writing about the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Calizia some months ago. He also referred to the murders of Karen Grech and Raymond Caruana.

Fsadni added: “The youthful Caruana and the adolescent Grech became public figures as a result of their murders. Their death was a symptom of a deeply disturbed society. It is because they were killed – so brutally – that these private citizens became public personas.”

In my article ‘So callous and barbaric’ (March 19) I questioned how the pro-choice lobby in Malta could clamour for abortion, the killing of very little human beings, which the Times of Malta editorial called “murder”, and the unborn child “the weakest citizen of all”?

I was writing about the approximately 300 “murders” abroad of very little unborn children every year by people from Malta, now also with the financial, material and other assistance of the Abortion Support Network of the UK to boot.

Surely those 300 murders are also potentially fatal wounds on the entire Maltese body politic is receiving at the moment, and are all civic disasters. Their death is also a symptom of a deeply disturbed Maltese society. 

And it is because unborn children from Malta, through abortion, are normally killed so brutally in the UK, in Sicily, or wherever, that they have also become potentially public personas. Yet one rarely hears of any public outcry against the slaughter abroad of these innocent, very little unborn children from Malta. How sad.

I also wrote for Maltese society to do all it can to prevent more unborn children in Malta from being killed so brutally, wherever, through abortion. Lately we were reminded by Health Ombudsman Charles Messina that Judge Lawrence Mintoff in 2015 had ruled that “an unborn baby had its rights and that once conceived he/she was not an object but a person.”

Article 241 (1) of the Criminal Code already prohibits abortion.  The same article is listed in the law under ‘Crimes against the person’. So we have two declarations that in Malta the unborn child is a person.

On March 12 this year a delegation of the Malta Pro-Life Movement met Family Minister Michael Falzon and submitted that the unborn child be included in the definition of a child in the new Protection of Minors law. The same proposal was made to the Shadow Minister for the Family and the Unborn Child.   

Approximately 300 ‘murders’ are done abroad of very little unborn children every year by people from Malta

Now we hear there is a group of doctors who have formed a coalition for abortion. Their professional oath binds them to promote and save human lives. Yet they seem to have decided to do the opposite.

For the first time in Maltese history we have members of two professions who are supposed to promote and help human lives heal, thrive and  flourish, clamouring for a law on abortion in Malta. 

 Some members of the medical  profession are now proposing to start doing what their colleagues abroad have been doing for many years, and without any shame whatsoever. Many of them do abortions for money. The supreme value extolled in Malta at present.  

Tony Levatino, a renowned American gynaecologist and ex-abortionist,  in two short videos, ‘ Dr Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes’ and  ‘Abortion Procedures: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters’ – — – is shown testifying before a US House Judiciary Committee hearing in 2015 about Planned Parenthood’s medical procedures.

Planned Parenthood has been under fire after videos were released showing how the mega abortion provider sold foetal tissue to researchers.

While explaining in great detail what abortion is all about he shows the instruments with which he used to carry out abortions. In the past he had  “performed 1,200 abortions”.

He had turned ardently pro-life when his adopted daughter was killed in a car accident and so soon after he realised that through the abortions he had been doing he had been killing very little human beings... and receiving “$800 in 15 minutes” for every abortion. 

 In other cases he describes the nature of an abortion is much more complicated and the cost much higher.

Bernard Nathanson, another renowned American gynaecologist of Silent Screem fame, turned also ardently pro-life after performing 60,000 abortions. 

 With the development of ultrasound in the 1970s, when he had the chance to observe a real-time abortion, he realised he was killing unborn children. 

A leading member of the Women’s Rights Foundation lately claimed that “the foetus (the unborn child)  does not even know that it is alive, or even what life is”.

 She seems to be totally unaware of all the scientific literature which shows a totally different picture.

It is suggested all members of WRF read the book The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Dr Thomas Verny, a veteran in this field, who has been researching and developing this theme for more than 30 years. 

He has also set up two international organisations in this field, based in Germany and the US.

In its mission statement the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynaecologists affirms that: “We, as physicians and medical practitioners, are responsible for the care and well-being of both our pregnant woman patient and her unborn child.

“The unborn child is a human being from the time of fertilisation.  Elective disruption/abortion of human life at any time from fertilisation onward constitutes the willful destructions of an innocent human being, and that this procedure will have no place in our practice of the healing arts.

“We are committed to educate abortion-vulnerable patients, the public, pregnancy care centre counsellors, and our medical colleagues regarding the medical and psychological complications associated with induced abortion, as evidenced in the scientific literature.

“We are deeply concerned about the profound, adverse effects of elective abortion, not just on women, but also on the entire involved family, and on our society at large.”

In the coming days a delegation of the Malta Pro-Life Movement will meet again the Family Minister to work out a programme of activities, together, to help pregnant women in difficulties.

Tony Mifsud is coordinator of the Malta Unborn Child Movement.

This is a Times of Malta print opinion piece


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