In a world where some laughs are in order and disorder seems the order of the day, a politician with a great sense of timing and humour sounds like fun. But politics is not fun and when politicians are funny in a very sad way then they should be shown the door and booted off to some faraway island close to Panama.

We have had the most interesting election campaign ever. But Joseph Muscat takes a few biscuits for the most colourful, damning gems imaginable.

He is a man who has lost a few plots. He contradicts himself constantly, lies brazenly, invents anything on the spur of the moment without worrying about consistency with previous statements. And when grilled about these inconsistencies he fires off non-sequiturs, or exits hurriedly.

Today we might laugh but, if he is voted back in, this could be our last step to complete implosion

If it wasn't because Donald Trump is a much bigger personality, a bigger buffoon and a bigger threat to the world, our own prime minister would definitely be given the award for being the most out-of-touch politician in the world.

When he realised he couldn't shake off all his problems and the accusations directed at him about his right-hand men, he came up with his incredibly lame, incredibly hilarious story about Russian spies. It was laughed off by anyone with an IQ higher than a gnat's. But then, maybe Malta has too many gnats who vote, so the PM could have impressed a few people who are now worried every time a Russian asks them the time or the way to a Ta’ Xbiex bank.

When you are ridiculed by a Russian TV station, with the blatant contradictions of your conspiracy theory dearly and clearly explained by this same station, then we can all agree that you really have hit the bottom of the barrel of verbal bilge.

Yet the man is wily - and back in the day he was so good at being Teflon Joe where no harm, grease or dirt ever stuck to him - that his people don't seem fazed that a Prime Minister of the most successful island in the universe, the country which is the best of the best in the EU, can go so low.

For people to work out how bad Muscat's position is right now all they have to do is not check his body language, for fear they are told to check Simon Busuttil’s sweaty palms, but compare the savviness of four short years ago.

Back then, he was calm, serene, collected and invited journalists to ask him more. He lapped it all up, not he yelps away for help.  

Sadly, the man is a buffoon who, by his own admission, is ready to keep criminals, or people accused of criminality, in power. Today we might laugh but, if he is voted back in, this could be our last step to complete implosion.

The PN and their colleagues might not all be heroes or saints, but, in the nearly 25 years of their administration, we had serious people leading the country, treading carefully to keep our international image and reputation intact.

The choice should be easy: either the dangerous buffoonery, crass mismanagement and rotten decisions of Labour under Muscat, or a fresh start for a sound future.



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