At the end of last year, Maltese coffee enthusiasts were delighted to receive the news that one of the world’s most popular coffee brands, Nespresso, was being launched in Malta. The local representatives of this premium coffee brand, DCAFFE Ltd, have now opened a customer care centre in Mrieħel to support their operations and better serve their clientele.

This is another significant investment complementing the boutique shop in Sliema, which is set to open in July. Nespresso’s new CRC (customer relationship contact centre), situated in Notabile Road, will support the online ordering operations of the portal, which was launched last December and will house the Nespresso customer care team providing ordering options via freephone and Whatsapp. It will also serve as a service and support centre to customers, as well as a showroom to view and purchase machines.

“We strongly believe that the love of coffee is for life, hence we do everything to make sure that our customers stay delighted by offering great services thanks to our dedicated team.

“Due to the increase in customer flow, we have had to expand our operations, hence increasing the number of employees. All this will ensure that even in Malta Nespresso will offer the ultimate pleasurable coffee experience for all the senses, consistently delivered at the touch of a button,” said DCAFFE business development representative Philip Galea.

Coffee specialists at the new CRC in Mrieħel are now available to guide customers across the array of 25 coffee flavours as well as the various coffee machines, helping them find the perfect match for their preference and lifestyle.

Galea also said that Nespresso continuously promotes the protection of the environment, with all Nespresso packing being recyclable. Recycling starts even before a coffee tree starts producing coffee beans – as the water used for watering the tree is also recycled. Coffee capsules are produced using sustainably sourced aluminium, helping to reduce the environmental footprint as a result of lightweight transportation.

“In Malta, Nespresso will carry on the brand’s recycling initiatives, which form part of the worldwide sustainable programme by offering the capsule recycling service and encouraging its customers to help in this effort by collecting them appropriately. Customers will be able to drop off used capsules at all Nespresso stores, or alternatively have them collected by Nespresso representatives when new orders are delivered to their homes. The used capsules will be sent abroad to Nespresso recycling plants, where they will be recycled and reused in the production of other materials. The ground coffee remaining in the capsule is also recycled as compost,” Galea added.

Members of the Nespresso club will enjoy exclusive benefits, rewards and coffee-inspired discoveries, all of which are tailored to enhance the customer’s enjoyment of coffee, making every cup of coffee an exceptional moment.

For further information log on to or contact one of Nespresso’s coffee specialists (The Point, Level 0, Tigné Point, Monday to Sunday, 10am to 7.30pm; and Notabile Road, Mrieħel, 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturday, 9am to 2pm) on freephone +356 8007 4448 or WhatsApp: +356 79884448.


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