The elusive Neville Gafà does not work at the Office of the Prime Minister, the Foreign Affairs Ministry or the Health Ministry, according to replies given in parliament.

Mr Gafà's escapades sparked a series of parliamentary questions by Nationalist MP Claudette Buttigieg on Tuesday afternoon.

She asked the OPM and the two ministries whether Mr Gafà was employed with them - but the reply from Joseph Muscat, Carmelo Abela and Chris Fearne drew blanks.

"The individual whose details were given is not an employee in the Office of the Prime Minister," Dr Muscat replied.

Times of Malta revealed last October that Mr Gafà was given a job at OPM unit on ‘privileged’ pay, even answering the phone when the reporter asked for him at the customer care unit. 

Mr Gafà was thrust into the spotlight last month when the Times of Malta reported he had travelled to Libya and, according to official communications from Tripoli, met with government ministers in his capacity of “special envoy of the Prime Minister”.

Times of Malta reported that Deputy Prime Minister fired Mr Gafà from the Foundation for Medical Services following the controversial trip to Libya. 

He had also claimed that he worked at the Health Ministry despite the minister saying otherwise.

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Opposition requests for a ministerial statement on Times of Malta revelations concerning Mr Gafà were ignored by the government benches. 


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