Gozitans travelling to work in Malta will benefit from new allowances, including a new grant of €1.50 per day for government workers who come to Malta and use collective transport to get around. Employers will continue to get a tax credit for organising such collective transport. 

A refund of the Gozo Channel ferry fare given to public sector workers will be extended to those in the private sector.

The government will also continue to offer rent subsidies to Gozitan students in Malta.

Patients and carers travelling to Malta or vice-versa for cancer treatment will also get a travel reimbursement and an allowance for accommodation. 

Projects in Gozo will include an SME village, a home for the elderly and a park and ride to ease congestion in Mgarr.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, who made the announcements in the Budget speech, also referred to plans for a Malta-Gozo tunnel, saying the geological model has been prepared and will be publicly discussed as it will form the basis for the design of the tunnel.


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