A new book, launched today, reveals the secrets of the natural world on the Maltese islands.

Malta’s Top 10 is a guide to the wildlife that visitors and residents are most likely to encounter. It also lets readers in on the whereabouts of shy or reclusive creatures that are normally difficult to see.

The book has been a labour of love for local and international authors, Geoffrey Saliba, Helen Raine, Andre Raine and Jason Raine.

Mr Saliba said: “Having worked in conservation in Malta for over a decade, I realised that people appreciate the birds, lizards and fish that they see around and want to know more about them.

"Our guide is a fun way to get more out a country walk or a swim in the sea and it works for adults or children.

"We hope that readers will be inspired to see all the species we describe and we also explain how to protect them.”

The book is illustrated with photos from some of Malta’s finest wildlife photographers, who donated their work to help readers identify the species they encounter.

Each chapter explores a different group of species.

The book has lots of detail including facts about a snail that fires love darts and an insect that can move faster than the human eye can see (the female also eats the male after copulation).

The conservation success story of the Yelkouan Shearwater is described as well as some of the challenges facing Malta’s wildlife.

Helen Raine said, “I had so much fun putting this book together and I am looking forward to sharing all the information that we uncovered about the wild side of Malta.

The book was made possible with the help of a grant from the National Book Council’s Malta Book Fund 2015.



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