The Malta Health authorities have released new dietary guidelines for infants and young children, aimed at promoting good feeding practices to ward off diseases and encourage a healthy weight for life.

Nutrition during the first years of life is crucial as it has a long-term impact upon the development of food preferences, as well as playing an important role in the later development of childhood obesity, the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Direction advises parents in the new recommendations.

The guidelines recommend exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months of life, after which nutritious foods are introduced slowly in a weaning stage that continues until age 3.

The guidelines stress the importance of a wide variety of foods and the need to avoid foods containing salt, sugar and saturated fats, as well as the benefits of home-prepared food.

They also delve into aspects of food safety, socialisation, physical activity, sleep and oral health.

Parents can obtain more information on the guidelines by contacting the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate on 23266000 or through social media @HDPDmalta.

Please click on the pdf below for more details.


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