The MV Maria Grazia Onorato arrived at the Valletta port on its maiden call looking to become the ‘bridge’ between Malta and Italy, providing strong foundations upon which to build stronger synergies between the two economies.

The MV Maria Grazia Onorato, which is the flagship of the Onorato Group – comprising the Tirrenia and Moby fleets – is the largest operating ro-ro type of vessel being the greenest within its category equipped with latest generation scrubbers.

Alessandro OnoratoAlessandro Onorato

Built in the German drydocks of Flensburg, the vessel is destined to create a real revolution on the most important route of the Motorways of the Seas, connecting the ports of Genoa, Livorno, Catania and Valletta: its garage decks have a capacity of 4,200 linear metres of cargo, making available an exceptional loading capacity for trailer operators and Maltese businesses.

With the MV Maria Grazia Onorato, which will join the other vessels already operating on the same route, Tirrenia will strongly increase its product-offering, also guaranteeing frequency and reliability in a fast-growing market.

“Tirrenia, with this ship, will provide the best service for the country in terms of service offering, reliability and punctuality,” said Alessandro Onorato, the group’s vice president and commercial director. The ceremony for the maiden voyage and exchange of crests was  attended by various representatives of the Maltese government, including Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne, Transport Minister Ian Borg, Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and members of the Onorato family, who are currently focusing on huge investment plans which include new ships within both the ro-ro cargo and ferry-passengers sectors.

“Our relationship with Malta keeps growing stronger day by day thanks to a long-standing tradition of reliability, efficiency and most importantly friendship. The MV Maria Grazia Onorato will continue to build on such relations which will help grow economic activities between Malta and Italy. Together with our Maltese partners, we will continue striving to remain market leaders in the years to come,” said Onorato.

Tirrenia is represented locally since the 1960s by S. Mifsud & Sons Ltd (SMS), who are the main point of reference for local clients’ requirements.


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