A new non-governmental organisation has been set up in Malta for Africans by Africans.

The organisation Migrants Association in Malta, is headed by Bushra Fuad, from Sudan.

Although grateful that Malta gave them the possibility of a second chance of life, many were anxious because they did not qualify as refugees or for humanitarian projection and even though they were allowed to stay on in Malta, their rights were basic.

The migrants stated many of them were already integrated with Maltese civil society and they had a permit to work, their paid taxes and national insurance but did not receive benefits when they had no work.

Moreover, they did not get financial support if they suffered an occupational accident.

“I have been here for 10 years but I have nothing to show for it. People think we are happy but we have many problems. We want the people of Malta and of Europe to know what the situation is. If nothing changes, we will still have nothing in another 10 years,” one said.

Some migrants have been here for 20 years and still did not have a passport, benefits, medical care or insurance.

“We don't want to cause any problems, we just want to talk with the government and improve our situation together… We are now part of Malta. We are integrated. There is much suffering, some have taken their lives, others are in hospital…,” they said.

The migrants said that they should be given citizenship after being in Malta for five years. They said they wanted to contribute to the country’s economic growth and were ready to contribute to the country’s development in any way possible.

The association is currently looking for a place from where to hold its meetings, which are currently held in a noisy bar.

Migrants wishing to join the organisation, and anyone who can offer help and support can contact the group at maltamigrants2015@gmail.com, tel.  7760 6944.

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