Breil has introduced New Snake, a unique jewel, characterised by extreme lightness, flexibility and above all, endless possibilities of wearing it.

The jewel name evokes the legendary Breil necklace launched in 2004, which represented an extraordinary innovation in the jewellery industry, introducing the concepts of personalisation and multi-wearability which influenced future trends and inspired fashion brands in the upcoming years.

Today New Snake is the reinterpretation of the original jewel, proposed in new shapes, a new construction and sizes, but with the same aim: to represent the multiple facets and the richness of the magnificent feminine universe.

New manufacturing techniques and an innovative idea of design allow a great research of new materials, technologies and finishing able to change the game once again, without compromising elegance and style.

New Snake is also a homage to the jewellery codes of the 19th century and its values of preciousness and elegance: the special stainless steel mesh texture exactly reflects the style of the creations of that time.

Nevertheless, New Snake remains a jewel of pure design with a harmonic aluminum soul, able to ‘memorise’ and draw one’s favourite shapes and to be either a bracelet or a necklace: New Snake is a jewel which lives in the hands of who shapes it.

One can play with New Snake and unleash their imagination mixing the colours in the two available lengths: silver, rose and light gold, recalling the classic jewellery colour palette, or black, dedicated to women looking for something truly original.

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