Alexiei Dingli is the new mayor of Valletta after mayor Paul Borg Olivier yesterday gave up his post as he said he would after he was appointed secretary general of the Nationalist Party.

Dr Dingli is the son of Paul and Doris née Carbonaro and is married to Anna Maria née Degiorgio.

He was born on December 29, 1979, lived most of his life in Valletta, and graduated BSc IT Hons First Class from the University of Malta. He continued his studies at the University of Sheffield in the UK where he pursued in record time, a PhD in Computer Science.

His work was praised by international Professors and was awarded a World Class status. It was also published in books, journals and in some of the most prominent conferences on the subject. He lectures at the Department of Artificial Intelligence.

Recently, he obtained a Masters in Business Administration with specialisation in Technology Management from the Grenoble Business School in France where he graduated with distinction.

In 2005, he contested the Valletta local council elections where he was elected councillor. He coordinated a large number of projects, the biggest being the setting up and coordination of the Valletta Community Network (the network of organisations working in Valletta in the social dimension). The project served as a catalyst to speed up the creation, by the central government, of the first community centre in Valletta .

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